Ron Crocombe Scholarships Awarded February 2014

The Cook Islands Library & Museum Society Inc has made its first distributions from the Ron Crocombe Scholarship Fund. The fund arose from a bequest made by the late Emeritus Professor Ron Crocombe, a well known expert in politics, governance, history, culture and language in the Pacific. The bequest provides that interest on the capital in the fund may be distributed annually by the Society as trustee for the purpose of furthering the education of Atiu people, particularly those living on the island of Atiu. The Society, as the appointed trustee of the Fund, is pleased to announce it has agreed to make, in principle, three distributions to beneficiaries, which include 34 students at Enuamanu School in Atiu, for NCEA exam fees, one USP student course fee, and 20 students on a possible job experience expedition to Rarotonga. “We’re pleased that we are able to continue what Professor Ron Crocombe dedicated his life to – namely the education of people in the Pacific, particularly those that are disadvantaged”, said Patron of the Society, Gwen Welland. In accordance with the terms of the bequest, grants will be offered in February of each year. JM for CILAMs

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