Gifts to CILAMS from Australian visitors Darrell Redman and Tony Payne

Gifts to CILAMS from Australian Visitors, Darrell Redman and Tony Payne
On Friday, 15th May, 2015, CILAMS staff and volunteers (women from the 60 Plus Club) hosted Darrell Redman and Tony Payne, and their wives and a sister-in-law, to a morning tea at the library and museum. Both Mr Redman and Mr Payne are frequent visitors to the Cook Islands and have helped CILAMS in the past, both with gifts and advice. Mr Redman owns R & D World Travel, an independent travel agency in NSW, Australia, while Mr Payne is retired. Both gentlemen had become aware, over several visits, of some of the difficulties we experience in obtaining certain essential items for the library, either due to unavailability on Rarotonga, or the prohibitive costs of such items. The two gentleman offered to help and began ordering the items required five months ago. Some of the items are now either not being manufactured due to technological changes, or are made only in the USA. Redman and Payne shared the costs of the gifts between them and brought them on this, their next visit to Rarotonga.
Gerald McCormack, president of CILAMS, thanked the party for their gifts, which included non-yellowing 3M brand Book tape (unavailable here), DVD envelopes and a portable hard drive (HD). The HD is to be used for storing archival photographs (the HD has the capacity to store up to 100,000 photos). Although any preservation programme should have up to 3 HDs for backup, McCormack said this was a step in the right direction. Mr Redman responded, informing the gathering of their love for the Cook Islands and their desire to try to continue to support this community organisation. The food and refreshment was a collaborative effort between CILAMs and the 60 Plus group, with the mamas providing all of the fresh fruit, homemade jam and freshly baked scones. Thank you ladies. A pleasant morning was had by all

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