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Marquesan Weapons

Fight club – Marquesan weapons Marquesan club in the museum. Provenance 1970s: possibly gift by visiting dignitary from French Polynesia. The evidence of Marquesan creative vigour of the past is matched by evidence of vigorous destructive behaviour. Warriors were fierce, … Continue reading

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A Savage compendium of Cook Islands Language, History & Culture

Fiftyone years ago the New Zealand Department of Island Territories published a dictionary of the Maori language of Rarotonga. But the genesis of this seminal work dates from long before this – well over one hundred years ago in fact. … Continue reading

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Book Review Sir Edmund Hilary’ Autobiography

BOOK REVIEW by Luina Lynch, Secretary of the Cook Islands Library & Museum Council.  “Nothing  Venture, Nothing Win” – an autobiography by Edmund Hillary By chance, this was a recent selection from the Cook Islands Library.  As 2013 marks the … Continue reading

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Road building in the old days

A photo from the collection of CILAMS taken about 1903 (photographer unknown). Notice the dogs? The Mauke Island Council, since the early 1980s, has not permitted dogs on their island. Aitutaki is the other island in the Cook group to ban … Continue reading

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The Tale of Octopus and Rat

Retold by Jean Tekura Mason This is a tale often told here, which I have never seen in print. I am not sure where it originated but it’s most likely the northern group of the Cook Islands, or Aitutaki, where … Continue reading

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